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Dear Friend,

So many times we are targeting the wrong audience with our marketing and we are getting the wrong people into our funnels.

Then when we call these people they either dont answer the phone, or... 

Better yet we set the appointment but they don’t even show up! 

Sometimes we may even get so good enough that we sell them into our program, but they may cancel early, and they don't stay or just not even take this that seriously!

I am here to show you exactly how to set yourself apart from everyone else!

And how to stand out, stand up and establish yourself as a dominance in the industry!

Most importantly...

How to target the ideal avatar who is willing to invest into themselves for long-term success!
Give Value + Educate!
First thing you got to do to stand out from the crowd is to do what they are not doing...

In order to do that you are going to have to give value to your audience before asking them to sign up for your service!

By giving value to your audience you will gain their trust, and work your way towards becoming an authority in your industry!  

You become the "go to" person for information related to their problems.

Giving value is the first step towards earning their trust which brings you up the value latter.

Introduce Your Brand!
The next thing is to introduce your brand to the market.  Who are you and what is it that you do?

Most importantly...

"What can you do to help me with my specific problem?"

Be specific and detailed as possible.  

This is going to help the the market "believe" that you can solve their problem.

Many marketers (including myself) forget to tell people what is it we do and how we can help them.

Show Proof!
The last step is to provide proof that you have already helped people just like them.

This is going to tremediously earn their trust and help them with their decision making.

Provide tons of case studies and testimoinals.  Tell other people's stories who had a specific pain or problem

so that the market can relate and provide proof that they got results and are happy with the service.

Dana grew her business to 144 members in just 3 days from our Facebook ads by implementing the AIDA Formula!
Nick Got 1,688 Leads and counting from our Facebook ads... Because He Gave Value To an Audience and Retargeted the People Who Were Interested!
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